When our lives are full and there are not enough hours in the day, reviewing finances can often be the last thing on the agenda. We have so many things to focus our energy on, whether that’s our career, our home, our children, caring for parents, charitable work or simply living the lifestyle that keeps us happy. Of course, we are now doing all these things remotely and at a distance – a strange new normal which will continue to evolve as time moves on.

One thing that doesn’t change is the need to have a plan for your financial journey. If we take a step back and consider where we are in our lives now, and what plans we have for the next few years, there are likely to be several things that require wealth planning. Our goals are usually centered around four main areas: our family (which may include school fees/college education or legacy planning) our careers, our property (perhaps a planned house move, a holiday home or a global move) and our lifestyle both pre and post-retirement. It is prudent to look ahead considering the level of capital or income we will require to achieve our goals, and when those funds will be required.

The foundations

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