A United Approach: A podcast for international Americans

Many Americans who live in the UK know that managing finances in two countries is not always straightforward. From filing taxes on both sides of the Atlantic to estate planning and everything in between – it can be a complex process.

In this podcast, Robert Paul, Partner in the US Family Office, and his panel of experts discuss the major issues that US expats need to navigate when living in the UK.

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Episode 1: Moving to the UK

Episode 2: Estate Planning

Episode 3: Buying Real Estate

Episode 4: Investing in Financial Markets

Episode 5: Philanthropy


Episode 6: Moving to the US

Episode 7: Cohabitation, Marriage and Divorce

Episode 8: Trusts

Episode 9: Myth busters


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Robert Paul, Partner and Head of US Family Office, London & Capital

To speak to Robert or another member of the US Family Office, please give us a call on  +44 (0) 207 396 3388 or alternatively email invest@londonandcapital.com





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